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La Gata Negra

Monday, October 1, 2007

11:11PM - The Ghastly Ones and Black Cat Burlesque! Haunting Boston this Thursday night!

Your bloodshot eyes do not deceive!
Black Cat Burlesque and the Coolidge Corner Theater
are thrilled to death (literally) to present the first every East Coast appearance of
sinister So-Cal Horror surf/garage legends

The Ghastly Ones!
They've hopped in their hearse to bring you a night of gravedigging go-go monster mayhem. 
Spooking it up with these fantastic fiends  will be:

Beware all you mavens of the macabre....this one's likely to sell out! 
Get your tickets here
lest the bell toll  and you're the only pumpkin
without a pass to the biggest, most spine-chilling shindig this side of the Great Beyond!

$13 at the crack o' midnight
Doors open at 11:59 PM Thursday, October 4th
The Coolidge Corner Theater, 290 Harvard Street, Brookline MA

***Unfortunately, RC Crimewave won't be joining the creepy fun due to an injury. 
A big get well soon (and if you don't..... please consider saving some of your
vital organs for us.   The zombie hordes get fidgety this time of

Sunday, June 11, 2006

10:36PM - LGN featured in Boston Glove article on Lucha Libre

Haven't seen the print version yet, as I wrenched my loopy-on-muscle-relaxants ass (I strained my lower back pretty badly and Friday's match didn't help) to pick up the Globe today and our section is missing! Apparently there's one of Mark's fight posters and a pic of La Hornita putting Missy America in a Columpio hold. The article came out pretty good (but like all interviews, so much was left out, particularly on individual wrestlers I talked about), though I found the "wardrobe malfunction" part a little gratuitous. Oh, as an extra bonus, I got a ten year discount on my age!:

Mexican wrestling, mass appeal
Locals take to the sport -- and to the ring
By Vanessa E. Jones, Globe Staff | June 11, 2006

Carrie D'Amour sits on the floor of the Rock City Body Pilates Studio in Allston, pulling out the memorabilia she's collected over the past 10 years that celebrate her love of the Mexican form of wrestling: lucha libre.

The sport, which began enchanting Mexican fans in the 1930s, has developed a small but fervid following among Americans who've fallen in love with legendary wrestlers such as Santo , Blue Demon , Mil Mascaras (``1,000 Masks"), and Fray Tormenta (``Friar Storm"). Mexican audiences enthusiastically blow horns and shake noisemakers as masked pugilists perform in a wrestling style that depends on high-flying acrobatic moves. The action often spills out of the ring and into the first few rows of the audience.

Locals embrace the sport in a variety of ways. Almost 10 years ago, Whitinsville native Keith Rainville began introducing lucha to English-speaking audiences worldwide through his self-published magazine, From Parts Unknown. After becoming a passionate lucha fan through From Parts Unknown, D'Amour recruited four other women almost two years ago to participate in La Gata Negra: League of Masked Lady Wrestlers , an alternative wrestling group heavily inspired by lucha that has performed at T.T. the Bear's , the Coolidge Corner Theatre , and Mass. College of Art . (Catch them live Thursday at 8 p.m. at the Paradise.) Then there are professional local wrestlers such as Nikki Roxx and Ariel who travel to Mexico, where they fight for Lucha Libre Feminil , Mexico's female wrestling league.

Lucha's reach extends nationally as well. The Los Angeles-based ``Lucha VaVoom" offers a mixture of burlesque and lucha featuring top fighters from Mexico. Fans in St. Louis, Chicago, and Los Angeles can savor authentic fights starring luchadores, the Spanish term for Mexican wrestlers.

Now lucha is attempting to put its moves on the mainstream with ``Nacho Libre," opening Friday, a film loosely based on the story of Fray Tormenta. The Mexican priest moonlighted as a popular wrestler for 23 years to raise money for his orphanage. Some think the film -- which unites Jared Hess , director of ``Napoleon Dynamite," with Mike White, screenwriter of `` School of Rock" -- could push lucha out of the subculture and make it a pop phenomenon.

As usual in such cases, the transition has not gone smoothly. Some fans gossip about the filmmakers' insensitively casting a white man (actor Jack Black stars as a battling cook who wrestles to raise money to feed the orphans at his monastery) as a Mexican; in fact, says Hess, who directed ``Nacho Libre" and co-wrote the screenplay, Black's character is the orphaned son of a Scandinavian missionary and Mexican deacon.

Other fans fear they will loose their grip on their beloved sport as it becomes more popular.

``You know," says D'Amour, a 25-year-old resident of Pawtucket, R.I., ``I think with any . . . sort of underground cult thing, you have mixed feelings about it. You want the people who perform [lucha] to get their dues and make their money and be more accessible, even to you. But at the same time, it does run the risk of oversaturation and overcommercialization."

Camp meets clout
Hess, 26, who first became aware of lucha culture about 10 years ago as a high school student when he stumbled upon a Santo movie on Galavision, doesn't share D'Amour's fears. He's collected about 25 DVDs of films starring luchadores, B-movies from a lucha filmmaking heyday that began about 50 years ago, and speaks as passionately as any other fan.

Lucha, says Hess, ``is something that in Mexico will forever be what it is. . . . However popular it gets [in the United States], I don't think it can be touched or changed a whole lot."

Back at the Pilates studio, D'Amour surrounds herself with her collection of lucha memorabilia. A tiny Mil Mascaras figure standing in his red cape and white mask. A small stack of From Parts Unknown magazines. Programs from ``Lucha VaVoom" performances. A handful of vintage lucha DVDs.

From Parts Unknown focused heavily on the movies, which, according to Rainville, Mexicans consider ``a trashy genre." Between 1996 and 2000, the magazine sold between 3,000 to 5,000 issues three times a year (it's now online at www.frompartsunknown.net ). The creators of the cartoon ``¡Mucha Lucha!" read From Parts Unknown; Rainville became influential enough that the group that developed the first ``Lucha VaVoom" hired him as a consultant.

``Vintage cinema -- that was half of what we covered," says Rainville, who now lives in Los Angeles. ``There are over 140 to 150 or so B-movies made between the mid-'50s and 1980 or so in Mexico. These were the most wonderful things I've ever seen."

With their visual images of wrestlers dressed in crisp business suits and candy-colored lucha masks, the films are high camp mixed with impressive physicality. But don't confuse lucha with popular American wrestling, which Rainville believes has been in a downturn since reaching its apex in the 1990s. Lucha is something entire families can enjoy, unlike World Wrestling Entertainment, which D'Amour and her cohorts complain oversexualize s women.

``I hope people don't look at `Nacho Libre' and say, `What is this, like Hulk Hogan?' " says Rainville. ``Lucha libre is a whole different thing. It's not about steroids and giant cable ratings and corporate sponsors. It's about six guys in a ring at a flea market in Juarez entertaining 150 people while they're eating churros and drinking Coronas."

Making it their own
These days you don't have to be Mexican to become a lucha wrestler.

Nicole Raczynski , who fights under the name Nikki Roxx , traveled to Mexico from 2004 to 2005 to fight for Lucha Libre Feminil. She would spend a few weeks at home in New Hampshire, then fly to Monterrey, Mexico, where the organizers paid for her apartment. Raczynski didn't speak Spanish, so after taking the physical required to get her license, she learned the mechanics of lucha in the ring.

``It's a lot faster pace" than American wrestling, says Raczynski, ``a lot more high flying . . . much higher impact. We [Americans] are so surprised when [the Mexican fighters] hit [us] because they're so little. `This won't hurt.' It so did."

The floors of the rings are also harder than those in the States.

``It's, like, just the ground," says Raczyncki. ``Concrete. There were some [rings] that were so bad that you wouldn't want to fall; you would fight as hard as you could so you wouldn't get pushed down."

The five-member crew of La Gata Negra does its fighting on mats. The ladies' tongues are firmly stuck in their cheeks as they create battles for their kooky collection of lucha characters. They've pitted a pair of nuns called the Bad Habits against two Southie schoolgirls they call the Irish Twins . For another show, the foreign fighters St. Brawley Girl and Swiss Fist wrestled for their green cards against the Americans GI Jane Doe and Missy America . They provide character bios on their website: www.lagatanegra.com .

The women create their moves by studying vintage lucha movies. Ama Allara , 35, La Gata Negra member and owner of the Allston Pilates studio where the group practices, makes sure that they do the moves safely. But her presence hasn't stopped the women from suffering their share of breaks and bruises. D'Amour broke her ankle during one performance; Lisa Magnani , 26, a recruit from Allara's classes, once split open her chin.

Then there's the occasional wardrobe malfunction. During one battle, Allara's Mistress Cheetah outfit slid down, giving the audience a view of her naked chest.

``Carrie had me in a hold with my arms over my head," says Allara, ``so there was nothing that I could do."

What brings the women back to the mat for more?

``You feel really strong," says Allston resident Alissa Grenman , 25, another recruit from Allara's classes. ``You're like, `Oh my God, I can be this amazing, strong woman and put on these really cool shows and all my friends can see me.' . . . It's empowering."

Friday, June 9, 2006

4:33PM - More wrestlign fun with LGN!

LGN Wrestling Extravaganza's Tonight and Next Week!


Friday the 9th of June
A Gothic Day of the Dead Celebration

Sugar Skulls, Fancy Tombs and Graves,
Morbid Mexican Treats in the Lounge
Featuring La Gata Negra League of Masked Lady Wrestlers!!!! "Danger is our Paycheck"
Dress as Latex Luchadores, Wicked Wrestlers, Sadistic Senoritas, Hellish Hombres...

DJ Chris Ewen spins Goth and Industrial for the Fiendish Fiesta
Senorita Terri the Bartender pours the mescal in the Lounge

18+ $10 ($8 Before 10:30)
Doors at 9pm.
Strict Dress Code: Gothic Finest,
Fetish Fabulous, Industrial Elegance,
Creative Attire Encouraged.
MINIMUM All Black.
TT the Bear’s 10 Brookline St. Cambridge, MA

Check out http://www.xmortis.com


Black Ocean Presents
LA GATA NEGRA: League of Masked Lady Wrestlers
with musical performances by
hosted by Black Cat Burlesques J. CANNIBAL

June 15th ~ 8pm ~ 18+ ~ $10

Black Ocean brings you a night of pulverizing metal, psychedelic scuzz and cemetery bomp! PARADISE LOST is a night of sinful rock n roll featuring the deadly beauties of La Gata Negra: League of Masked Lady Wrestlers who will surely kick, choke, and powerbomb their way into your hearts as they battle through three all-out bouts for supremacy of the wrestling underground! To celebrate this epic rumble, the folks at Paramount Pictures have agreed to host the release of Jack Blacks new film, Nacho Libre, at tonights throwdown! Grab some free gear and prizes just in time for the movies premiere on June 16th!

Kicking off the night, will be the insane folk-metal fury of Devil In the Kitchen. With a flying-v fiddle, and a thousand kilowatts of sonic Celtic destruction, these four gents are sure to fire you up.

Also featured are local lightning and leather outfit, Wild Zero, dealing out fistfuls of high-octane rawk to fuel the nights frenzied descent.

Driving the final nails into your sanitys coffin will be garage-horror legends, the Coffin Lids. Bringing their own brand of undead trash to the stage, theyll be spitting blood and whiskey as they tear through a scorching set of b-move odes and midnite anthems.

In addition we will have numerous performers and oddities on hand from around the North East, bringing you the finest in sword-swallowing, glass-walking and the like!

To navigate you through the night will be a very special Master of Ceremonies, J. Cannibal of Black Cat Burlesque. This real-life undertaker and local horror burlesque king is known for his exquisite taste in zombie films and unique brand of theatrical violence.

Some come one come all, and participate in a singular night of deviant behavior, sonic ferocity and unbridled body-slamming violence, and revel in your Paradise Lost!

The Paradise ~ 967 Commonwealth Ave. ~ Boston, MA
Tickets available at the door or at www.thedise.com


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Sunday, January 29, 2006

11:48PM - Photos and Results from LGN's Zombie Wrestling Apocalypse

Friday night, La Gata Negra held an historic match at J. Cannibal's Feast of the Flesh Zombie night, featuring Conqueror Worm and her zombie tag team partner, the Notorious R.I.P. taking on Lady Frankenstein and her creation, the Bride. Worm and her manager, the Grim Reaper were infuriated at Lady Frankenstein's meddling in their domain of life and death. They decided to challenge her and her creation to a match to prove the forces of the supernatural will always conquer those of science. To take on Lady Frankenstein and the Bride, Grim brought back the 1964 La Gata Negra title holder as a zombie and dubbed her the Notorious RIP while Frankenstein charged up her latest wrestling creation. The match was initially dominated by the Bride against the slow moving zombie, until a electrical charge from Castle Frankenstein's equipment sent RIP into a zombie frenzy, eventually resulting in the Bride's bolts being pulled out and the creation dragged lifeless from the mats. Lady Frankenstein and Conqueror Worm then had to finish out the match in a vortex of violence and fury. Worm's sidewalk slams were thwarted by several flying arm drags as her vicious Boston Crab was with a Quincy Kweller reversal, but she eventually brought down Lady Frankenstein with a kneeling backbreaker to win the match and feed the referee to the Notorious R.I.P..

Photos and links hereCollapse )

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Monday, January 23, 2006

8:39PM - Zombie wrestling at Feast of the Flesh!!!

Fri, Jan 27

Black Ocean presents:


featuring Lucio Fulci's horror film classic: ZOMBIE plus undead tag-team wrestling from LA GATA NEGRA with live music by GEIN & THE GRAVEROBBERS

All seats $10

Real-life undertaker and long time zombie fanatic J. Cannibal - dubbed by the Boston Phoenix as the King of horror burlesque - presents a gruesome banquet of midnight mayhem!

This frightful night of fun kicks off with the dead-alive sounds of Gein and the Graverobbers. These four graveyard ghouls are hell-bent on playing the most terrifying surf songs the mortal world has ever heard! Throwing down with undead fury during their Satanic set, will be the reanimated corpses of La Gata Negra: League of Masked Lady Wrestlers, which boasts a bevy of masked beauties who know how to kick, choke, and powerbomb their way into your hearts. If there’s any blood left in these ladies by the time they hit the mat, you can be sure it will be spilled!

For our feature film, Mr. Cannibal has hand-picked Lucio Fulci’s audacious
1979 masterpiece of gore, ZOMBIE. The inspiration for most of the 80s splatter-fests, Fulci's film features nauseating special effects, including such unforgettable scenes as a close-up eye gouging on a splinter of wood, and an underwater wrestling match between a zombie and a shark.

Free gory goodie bags will be handed out to all, and J. Cannibal will be awarding a number of prizes for the best zombie costumes! Brought to you by the creative minds of Black Ocean, this will be a show of insanity from beyond the grave that you don’t want to miss!

Coolidge Corner Theatre
290 Harvard St.
Brookline, MA 02446


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Saturday, December 10, 2005

10:21AM - Yuletide Thunder Pics


This is a Flickr badge showing photos in a set called YULETIDE THUNDER 12/3/05. Make your own badge here.

Friday, November 25, 2005

8:49PM - La Gata Negra presents YULETIDE THUNDER

La Gata Negra Presents YULETIDE THUNDER!

The Masked Lady Wrestlers of LGN will be decking the halls and everything else
in their path in our most ferocious spectacle to date! Not only will we give
you the gift of the long awaited Title Championship rematch, but we'll be bringing
you Season's Beatings with 2 holiday themed matches that would make even the
Grinch and the Krampus head for the hills! Here We Come A-Wrasslin with the following
fierce-but-festive roster of relentless raucousness:

Title Match

Mistress Cheatah the Mean Mistreah defends her title belt in a rematch agains
everyone's favorite Marxist, Agent Orange. Will Orange end Cheetah's reign
as LGN's dominant deviant? Or will our champ make the east bloc espionage
expert tumble down harder than the Berlin Wall?

Holiday Hardcore Street Fight

Lock up your mangers and hide the minoras! Conqueror Worm and new recruit Dr.
Endo Mitriosis face off in brutal street fight match with no rules save for
one: any weapon or foreign object used in match has to be "seasonally" themed,
the majority of which have been lovingly wrapped beyond recognition by LGN's
mysterious Secret Santo. Worth the price of admission just to see what unholy
havoc these ingenious enmascaradas can wreak with a yule log!

2nd Annual Fruitcake Invitation match

This year we've made it a no holds barred, no disqualification four way melee
between La Hornita, Missy America, Irish Twin Margaret Mary and our newest
recruit, the St. Brawley Girl. For those of you who missed last years epic
battle between Conqueror Worm and Mistres Cheetah, the Fruitcake Invitational
is won by the first wrestler to reach the glistening brick of formidable
fruitcake dangling above the audience. Who will taste the fruitcake's stale
yet coveted confectionary glory and who will suffer a silent night ?

General Manager Miss Firecracker will be making a special appearance to dedicate
the evening's show to the late, great Eddie Guerrero.

You can join La Gata Negra celebrate the season with extreme

predjudice Saturday, Dec 3rd at:

The  Paradise Lounge

967 Comm Ave

Boston (617) 562-881

for Happy Endings, a night of Indie, 80's, Guilty Pleasures, Electro,

Motown featuring DJ Sameer of Panic!, DJs Patrick and Ian of Collective. 

Door DJ's, for any of you sugar plum fairies whose hearts tremble in

the presence of such grappling greatness and need to dance off the

resulting anxiety.

Cost is a measley $5 bucks and doors open  9 PM 18+

General Manager Miss Firecracker will be making a special appearance to dedicate
the evening's show to the late, great Eddie Guerrero.

Happy Holidays to all and to all a good FIGHT!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

9:45AM - LGN media onslaught continues-:this week's Boston Phoenix


Monday, July 11, 2005

2:19PM - La Gata Negra on TV and Live this week!!!

If two title matches weren't
enough in La Gata Negra-land this week, we'll also be featured on the Boston
Fox affiliate, Fox 25, on Tuesday night, July 12th. We'll be on right after
the All Star game when the REAL all stars of LGN will wreak curious havoc upon
the Fox viewing audience. Watch Mistress Cheetah take down Fox 25 anchor David
Wade! And if any of those wimply baseball players try to steal any of our thunder,
they'll find themselves F-Fived into the dugout!

July 15th, 2005

Midnite at the Coolidge Corner

Female Wrestling Then and Now!

with LA GATA NEGRA live!

Celebrating the Boston premier of the film Lipstick and Dynamite

La Gata Negra, New England's
only all-masked ladies' wrestling league, brings their own unique brand of over-the-top
comic book chaos to the Coolidge stage. these masked mayhem mamas combine outrageous
camp, old school technique and artful brutality for an riotously unique experience
in women's wrestling entertainment.

First up on the card we
have a Tag Team Title Match between former title holders the Irish Twins and
the new Wedding Party tag team, Bridezilla and the Maid of Dishonour. As Mary
Margaret was forced to join the nunnery as the outcome of the Irish Twins' last
match, GM Miss Firecracker decided it negated their possession of the Tag Team
Title and they'll have to do battle to attempt to regain the belt. Margaret
Mary has called upon her older sister Mary Teresa to help her take on the always
unpredictable Bridezilla, who has partnered with BFF, the Maid of Dishonour.
Will the wedding party's matrimonial fervor bring the Twins to the Chapel and
bury them there?

If that wasn't enough,
there will be a Championship Title match during the movie's intermission in
which Mistress Cheetah will defend her title against communist superspy Agent
Orange. Cheetah's got a tenacious grip on the belt, even after her humiliating
defeat in the hourglass match against Conqueror Worm. For the first time, she
will take on the undercover force of this Iron Curtain espionage expert, who
will be using every trick in the communist manifesto to become the new LGN champ.
It's catsuit vs. catsuit in a not to be missed spectacle of cunning athleticism!

Not only will LGN will
be performing LIVE throw-downs, but we'll also be showing their favorite new
documentary, LIPSTICK AND
Ruth Leitman's body-slmming film
looks at the lives and careers of The Fabulous Moolah, the Great Mae Young,
Gladys "Killem" Gillem, and more. These amazing talents wrestled women,
men, bears, and alligators, and now they tell the true story of what it is like
to be a "lady" in the world of head-locks. They are ready to throw
down...are you?

All seats $9.00



Monday, June 6, 2005

10:22PM - Coney Island, here we come!!

t's official!

La Gata Negra League of Masked Lady Wrestlers will be taking part in
August 13th installment of the Silver Scream Spookshow at the Coney
Island Museum with a monsterific match to celebrate  the showing
of the mexiclucha cinema classic Santo in the Wax Museum!  Here's
the details!

Decay and Ronni Raygun in association with indiefilmpage.com
present The Silver Scream Spook Show!
Mexican Wrestlers meet Malicious Monsters in Santo
In the Wax Museum
! Why waste time with
Hollywood's House of Wax when for less money you can
catch a better film? Live entertainment this month is
actually double! Cardone
the Magician
will shock and amaze!
And a one-time NYC presentation of Cortlandt Hull's
classic monster creations!
A special screening of an episode from the vaults of
A Go Go
! Giveaways! Prizes! Brilliant

We are thrilled to be taking part in this historic series, bringing
back the spookalicious days of spookshow thrills in the one and only
Coney Island!

The Silver SCREAM Spook Show!

On the 2nd Saturday of
every month from June - September at the Coney Island Museum we're
resurrecting the ancient and fantastic event whispered in some circles,
feared by those in the know....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Each show features a rare screening of an episode from the vaults of Ghoul A Go-Go!

It's the world's only Monster Musical Kiddie Show!


Coney Island Museum

1208 Surf Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11224


Watch as wild beasts are transformed to buxom beauties! Monsters on hand!
Spirits leave the 2-dimensional screen and sit down next to you!

Double feature old time horrors meet head to head with morbid magicians,
conjuring spirits and leaving you with goose pimples!

The entire night starts off with a rare screening of an episode from the vaults of

Ghoul A Go-Go! Needs to be seen to be believed!

Doors 8pm 5 Bones & ALL AGES!

For more information, check out the Coney Island USA Film Series Page

Friday, May 27, 2005

1:19PM - Footage from the Big Apple Grapple!

The La Gata
Negra ladies took on Gotham this last weekend with a  Tag Team Exhibiton
match at the New York City Burlesque Festival.  Tag team partners were
chosen by lottery, resulting in  the  exciting and unlikely pairings of
America's acrobatic sweetheart Missy America and  South Boston  bad gal
Margaret Mary versus the fierce technical style of mexican honeybee La
Hornita and the furiously agressive debut of Bridezilla.

Check out the
action in all it's low res video glory at:




Thursday, May 19, 2005


Check out the powerhouse battle between Death's Own Handmaiden Conqueror Worm
and Mistress Cheetah the Mean Mistreatah:


Music by The Ghastly Ones


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

2:36PM - Video of the Mask Versus Mask Match!

For your viewing pleasure...

ACT 1 is up and I'm working on ACTS 2 and 3 during my breaktime!  Enjoy!
All music courtesy of The Ghastly Ones www.ghastlyones.com

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1:07AM - Manray Melee video still galleries

Just posted!

Video stills from the 2 matches on Friday the 13th at the  Manray Melee...

Irish Twins/Bad Habits Mask vs. Mas

Mistress Cheetah/Conqueror Worm Hourglass Match

Video coming soon!

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

2:25PM - La Gata Negra Comic preview!

La Gata Negra Comicbook Preview!
From Mister Reuschmrreusch
La Gata Negra League of Masked Lady Wrestlers General Manager Miss Firecracker has just uploaded a sneak peek of the "LGN Primer" I recently whipped up: 20 images of these hooded hellcats and their signature moves. Actual printed versions will be available at future matches! Check them out here: http://www.blackcatburlesque.com/lagatanegra/comic/index.htm


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Thursday, May 12, 2005

9:48AM - More photos from the Black Ocean Bash

The Irish Twins front line

More pics of your favorite masked ladies in action!Collapse )

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

1:00PM - This Friday---the Manray Melee!

La Gata Negra invades Manray for a night of high flying and low down wrestling action!

First, a Mask vs. Mask match between the Bad Habits and the Irish Twins
After the nuns humiliating defeat at the hands of the Twins on the 23rd, the nuns have put their wimples and their very faith on the line. If the twins lose, one of the Southie bad gals has to join the Sisterhood; if the nuns loose, one of them has to renounce God! Don't miss this spectacular showdown!

Our second match will be a first of it's kind Hourglass Match between Conqueror Worm and Mistress Cheetah.
Infuriated at her inability to keep our champ down, she has made her an offer she can't refuse: The Grim Reaper has offered his very own Hourglass to mark time in this battle of will. If Worm takes down Cheetah before the black sands of the hourglass run out, she and Grim get to take the lives of one of her slaveboys; if Cheetah manages to stomp on the Worm, the Reaper agrees to NEVER COME FOR HER! The only thing bigger than the stakes is the rivalry between these two powerhouses!

We'll also be debuting the first issue of Mister Reusch's mrreusch La Gata Negra comic book. Don't miss the excitement!

Xmortis de los Muertos!
A Gothic Day of the Dead

Friday the 13th of May

Full TextCollapse )

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

6:28PM - More photos from Saturday's show!

Still no time to update the site or write the match synopsis, but I'm
stuck late at work on hold with a telecom company, so I'm trying to
post pics.  BTW, if anybody has any pics of the first match
between El Gecko and Agent Orange vs. GI Jane Doe and Missy America,
please let me know.  We tried to video the match and it filled up
the camera and purged!   By the way, if you were in the area
and missed the show....YOUR LOSS!  It was a terrific night all
around, organinzed like a 3 ring circus and contantly
entertaining.  Black Ocean and Eventworks know how to put on a
freakin' show!!!!!!!!!!

The Bad Habits perform the Hail Mary

More of the melees hereCollapse )

Monday, April 25, 2005

11:19PM - Teaser from the weekend

Still  too busy recovering from the matches this weekend to post a
synopsis of the Saturday Night Melee, but here's a sneak peek at some
of the action

After the increased savagery that has become de rigeur in the La Gata Negra Camp, I'm thinking of adding a web page to our site will become our Gallery of Injury. I'm already sporting some hand size bruises on my arms that deserve to be preserved digitally....

Monday, April 18, 2005

12:54PM - La Gata Negra and Black Cat Burlesque on Saturday

Saturday,April 23rd, 2005 </font></u></font></p>

Spooky and scintillating
striptease from Mary Widow of Black
Cat Burlesque

and 3 matches from La Gata Negra League
of Masked Lady Wrestlers


Championship Title Belt Match

LGN Reigning Champ Mistress Cheetah vs. Luchadora Suprema La Hornita

Team Title Belt Match

Southie's own Irish Twins vs. the Catholic church's own Bad Habits

End Grudge Match between

El Gecko & Agent Orange vs. Missy America & G.I. Jane Doe

and the amazing sounds of

Turpentine Brothers
(members of Mr. Airplane Man & Kings of Nuthin)

Bread & Roses

The Can Kickers (from Connecticut)

Also featuring the opening reception for:


100 POSTERS 1994-2005

Godine Gallery, North Building

Massachusetts College of Art

April 23rd – 25th

Opening Reception 6p.m.

Mister Reusch is a Rhode Island-based freelance illustrator
with 20 eyes and teeth made of candy corn. As a kid, his favorite things to
draw were monsters, dogs, and pretty girls. Not much has changed. Mister Reusch
gets paid to draw all kinds of things, though his favorite subjects remain monsters,
bug-eyed dogs, and voluptuous pin-up girls. This show will reflect Mister Reusch’s
11 years as a rock poster illustrator for local musical acts from the New England

$5, free for massart students

621 Huntington Ave, Boston

617.879.7333, www.massart.edu

public transportation via T Green (E) Longwood

Handicapped accessible. www.blackocean.org

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